Lasting Weep

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Lasting Weep
was formed in 1968 by Jerome Langlois (guitar, keyboards, clarinet), Alain Bergeron (flute, saxophone), Mathieu Leger (drums) and Claude Chapleau (bass) when they were just teenagers. The group’s name is an English adaptation of the words “Les sanglots longs” taken from Paul Verlaine’s poem Chanson d’Automne. The band chose an English name and even sang in English, as was the case with most rock groups in Quebec until the end of the decade. Lasting Weep’s cover repertoire was heavily influenced by blues-rock, and combined with classical training and a new fascination for progressive rock (particularly Jethro Tull). Soon after, the group began composing its own music. In 1969, having earned some studio time while helping to write soundtracks, Lasting Weep professionally recorded three lengthy pieces thank’s to the generosity and enthousiasm of Chuck and Judy Gray, the owners of Studio Six. These recordings were never put on vinyl, as the group was unable to attract a record label. It seemed that the group’s music was far too ahead of its time! Meanwhile, Lasting Weep won several competitions such as at College Stanislas, and began playing many shows in cafés and clubs. The group even backed-up King Crimson at College St-Laurent, and played at the Festival de Manseau in 1970. Lasting Weep then began writing a rock epic entitled “L’Albatros”, but in 1972 the group disbanded, and Langlois and Bergeron founded the highly acclaimed group Maneige. Léger then joined the Quatuor de Jazz Libre du Québec, and played with Michel Madore and Conventum before settling in with L’Orchestre Sympathique in 1976, while Chapleau formed fusion group Zak.

Five years later, as Langlois was leaving Maneige, he completed writing “L’Albatros” and convinced a who’s who of progressive rock musicians to perform it live on stage. Between February 28 and March 1, 1976, at La Bibliothèque Nationale du Quebec in Montreal, Langlois was joined by his former band-mates from both Maneige and Lasting Weep, as well as Raôul Duguay, members of L’Orchestre Sympathique, Conventum, L’Engoulevent and others, for a series of performances of “L’Albatros”, surely one of the most important events in Quebec’s progressive music history. These shows were professionally recorded and mixed but never put on vinyl record. Finally in 2007, after more than 30 years, much of Lasting Weep’s early musical treasures, as well as music from the epic “L’Albatros” concert, were released on CD by ProgQuebec.


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